St. Patrick Catholic Church
745 W. Center
Girard, IL 62640
(217) 299-3007
Rev. James Palakudy, S.A.C., Pastor

About Us

Our Tri-Parish Community

St. Patrick's Parish Office
Cindy Dorner, Secretary
(217) 299-3007
745 W. Center
Girard, IL 62640
Email:  [email protected]
Sacred Heart Parish Office
Marcella Rosier, Secretary
(217) 965-4545
722 North Springfield Street
Virden, IL 62690
Email:  [email protected]
Holy Cross Parish Office
(St. Benedict Church)
Donna Kuenstler & Lola Caruthers
(217) 438-6222
126 East Washington Street
Auburn, IL 62615
Email:  [email protected]

Please Make a Pledge!

We have the money for the Steeple, it is being reshingles now as for the cross well, we are working on that.

Thank you all so much for you generous contrabutions to our project.

Help keep our parish church a shining symbol of our faith!  Please consider making a pledge.  Every donation, big or small, is a great help!
All Saint's Schudule 

Wed Oct 31 6:30pm St. Patrick

Thur Nov 01 7:00 am Sacred Heart

Thur Nov 01 6:30 pm Holy Cross