Saint Patrick Church
Girard, IL.

Rev. James Palakudy, S.A.C., Pastor

Parish Information
It was in the Fall of 1887 when thirty-five Catholic families gathered in Girard to dedicate their newly built parish church, Saint Patrick's. 131 year's later we are in need of a new cross and repairs to the steeple. Help us keep the word of God in our Parish. Pledge today, every little bit helps.

God Bless you
Our Tri Parish Units
Saint Patrick’s Parish Office
Cindy Dorner, secretary
(217) 299-3007
745 W Center
Girard, IL 62640
Web site:

For Parishioner Hall rental call:
Phone: (217) 299-3007 Mon – Thurs 9:30am – 12:00
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 105
Girard, IL. 62640

Sacred Heart Parish Office
Marcella Rosier, secretary
(217) 965-4545
722 North Springfield Street
Virden, IL. 62690
Web page for Masses

St. Benedict Church (Holy Cross Parish)
Donna Kuenstler & Lola Caruthers, secretaries
(217) 438-6222
126 E Washington Street
Auburn, IL 62615

Remember to look for our Holy Day's schelue in the bulletin!